Twin Tuner Sat HD DVB-S2 Dreambox

Double Tuner HD DVB-S2 pour Dreambox
Twin Tuner Sat HD DVB-S2 Dreambox
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Nouveau tuner Double HD DVB-S2.
Convient uniquement aux dreambox 800se / 820 / 7020 / 7080HD

DVB-S/S2-Twin Tuner :

    - Single-chip Two channels RF-to-baseband Satellite receiver
    - RF switches integrated
    -  CMOS Fully integrated RF front end
    - Low noise and wide dynamic range zero-IF receiver
    - Input frequency range: 900 to 2200 MHz
    - Input signal level: -80 to 0 dBm
    - More than 80dB gain control range
    - Fully integrated PLL (dividers, charge pump, phase &frequency detectors, loop filters, etc.)

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